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Kirk Winemiller

Winemiller, Kirk
Kirk Winemiller
Regents Professor, Senior Faculty Fellow
216 WFES
Undergraduate Education
B.A., Miami University (Ohio)
Graduate Education
Ph.D., University of Texas
M.S., Miami University (Ohio)
University Distinguished Professor, April 2019
American Fisheries Society Award of Excellence, August 2018
Ecological Society of America Fellow, March 2018
Texas A&M AgriLife Research Senior Faculty Fellow, January 2018
American Fisheries Society Fellow, 2018
Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Award for International Impact, September 2016
NSF IGERT in Applied Biodiversity Science - Interdisciplinary Research Team, September 2013

Recent Publications

Bower, Luke M. and Kirk O. Winemiller. (2019) Fish assemblage convergence along stream environmental gradients: an intercontinental analysis, Ecography, https://doi.org/10.1111/ecog.04690.

Soria-Barreto, Miriam, Rocio Rodiles-Hernandez and Kirk O. Winemiller. (2019) Trophic ecomorphology of cichlid fishes of Selva Lacandona, Usumacinta, Mexico, Environmental Biology of Fishes, https://doi.org/10.1007/s10641-019-00884-5.

Arantes, Caroline C., Daniel B. Fitzgerald, David J. Hoeinghaus and Kirk O. Winemiller. (2019) Impacts of hydroelectric dams on fishes and fisheries in tropical rivers through the lens of functional traits, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cosust.2019.04.009.

Willis, SC, KO Winemiller, LA Rocha and Stuart Willis. (2019) Osmoregulatory evolution in freshwaters: Juxtaposition of differentially expressed genes and outlier loci of an Amazon cichlid in contrasting pH and ionic environments, Integrative and Comparative Biology 59:E435.

Montag, Luciano F. A., Kirk O. Winemiller, Friedrich W. Keppeler*, Hingara Leao, Naraiana L. Benone, Naiara R. Torres, Bruno S. Prudente, Tiago O. Begot, Luke M. Bower*, David E. Saenze, Edwin O. Lopez-Delgado*, Yasmin Quintana*  et al. (2019) Land cover, riparian zones and instream habitat influence stream fish assemblages in the eastern Amazon, Ecology of Freshwater Fish, https://doi.org/10.1111/eff.12455.

About the Lab

The Winemiller Aquatic Ecology Lab investigates fish ecology and evolution, community ecology, and ecosystem ecology in aquatic habitats. Our research is strongly field oriented, with studies conducted at sites throughout Texas, Latin America, Africa, and, more recently, Southeast Asia.