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Thomas E. Lacher Jr.

Lacher Jr., Thomas E.
Thomas E. Lacher Jr.
254 WFES
Undergraduate Education
B.S., Department of Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
Graduate Education
Ph.D., Department of Biological Sciences, Section of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, University of Pittsburgh
Vice Chancellor's Award in Exellence - International Involvement, January 2017
Courses Taught
WFSC 304 – Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation
WFSC 401 – Mammalogy
WFSC 300/450/451 – Dominica Study Abroad: Tropical and Field Biology

Recent Publications

Rogan, Jordan, Thomas Lacher. (2018) Impacts of habitat loss and fragmentation on terrestrial biodiversity, Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences, 1-18.

RPY Kinnerley, R.,  T. E. Lacher, Jr., V. C. Mason, S. D. McCay, N. S. Roach, P. J. Stephenson, M. Superina. (2018) Conservation Priorities and Action for the Orders Cingulata, Pilosa, Afrosoricida, Macroscelidea, Scandentia, Dermoptera, and Eulipotyphla, Handbook of the Mammals of the World Vol. 8: Insectivores, Sloths and Colugos, 15-29.

Neam, K. D. and Lacher, T. E. (2018), Multi-scale effects of habitat structure and landscape context on a vertebrate with limited dispersal ability (the brown-throated sloth, Bradypus variegatus). Biotropica. doi:10.1111/btp.12540

Lacher, Thomas E. and Craig Hilton-Taylor. (2018) The IUCN Red List: assessing extinction risk in the Anthropocene, The Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene 3:333-339.

Lacher, Thomas E. and Nicolette S. Roach. (2018) The status of biodiversity in the Anthropocene: trends, threats, and actions, The Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene 3:1-8.

DellaSala, Dominick, Michael I. Goldstein, Scott Elias, B. Jennings, Thomas E. Lacher, Pierre Mineau and Sanjay Pyare. (2018) The Anthropocene: how the great acceleration in transforming the planet at unprecedented levels, Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene 3:1-7.

Margot A. Wood, Ryan Sheridan, Rusty A. Feagin, Jose Pablo Castro, Thomas E. Lacher Jr., Comparison of land use change in payments for environmental services and National Biological Corridor Programs, Land Use Policy, Volume 63, April 2017, Pages 440-449, ISSN 0264-8377, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.landusepol.2017.02.005.