Completion of a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences in one of several degree options provides the opportunity to obtain professional certification through the American Fisheries Society or Wildlife Society. Students in consultation with their advisor may choose coursework that will allow certification as either  an Associate Fisheries Professional or  Associate Wildlife Biologist. Certification by these professional societies provides standards and guidelines for professional recognition and serve as a mark of accomplishment as well as a measure of status and credibility among peers. Professional certification also may set graduates apart from others in a competitive  markertplace and allow a greater range of career opportunities.

Students may seek professional certification by pursuing either the Wildlife Ecology & Conservation option or the Aquatic Ecology & Conservation option.   It is important that students interested in certification work closely with their academic advisor to be sure the correct classes are selected as part of the directed and free electives in these options.

For additional information on applying for certification as a Fisheries Professional please visit the American Fisheries Society website.

For additional information on applying for certification as an Associate Wildlife Biology please visit the Wildlife Society website.

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