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Welcome to the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences (WFSC) undergraduate program at Texas A&M University!  At a time when natural resources face ever-increasing demands, Texas A&M University graduates are prepared to meet the challenges. WFSC is a national leader in programs for managing and conserving wildlife and fisheries resources.

Emphasis is placed on an ecological approach to the integrated management, development and conservation of natural resources. The academic program, combining a sound mixture of ecological theory and management principles, prepares students for a wide spectrum of career opportunities.

The department’s outstanding faculty and staff include wildlife and fisheries ecologists, aquaculturists, conservation biologists and natural resource managers. Their programs are supported by expertise in community ecology, animal behavior, habitat management, physiology, limnology, bioenergetics, nutrition, genetics, and systems analysis and modeling.

For more information about our undergraduate programs, please click on the links to the below or schedule an appointment with a WFSC Undergraduate Advisor.

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Office: 202 Nagle Hall
Phone: 979-845-5708
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8-12 and 1-5
Email: wfscstudentservices@exchange.tamu.edu

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