Information for Current Graduate Students

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

Students who complete a professional paper may upload a copy to the University Library Repository. To upload, submit a copy of the paper to Adrea Dottavio and send the Permission Form to Dr. Robert McGeachin at the Library.

The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences provide graduate students a computer lab and desk space.  Students may contact Linda Causey for access and keys to the labs and buildings.  Students may contact Adrea Dottavio for questions regarding desk space for graduate students.

  • Graduate Computer Center: Nagle 302 & Nagle 306
  • Desk Space for Heep Laboratory Building Room 114

Graduate students have access to a wide-format plotter to print posters for professional meetings.  Students may access this printer at the Biodiversity Research and Training Collections (BRTC) building.

  • Contact Heather Prestridge to arrange printing (contact information listed below)

University Resources

Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS)

Services include assisting graduate students meet all graduation and degree requirements such as forms, dates, deadlines, and guiding all academic processes and procedures.

Thesis Office

Services include assisting graduate students in preparing and meeting all requirements for theses, dissertations, and records of study, and reviewing and approving these submitted documents

International Students

Key People

Academic Process, Resources, Support

Dr. Delbert Gatlin
Associate Department Head for Graduate Studies
Heep 216E

Adrea Dottavio
Academic Advisor
Nagle 202B

Royce Robinson
IT Associate
103C Nagle

Linda Causey
Building and lab access
Nagle 210

Dr. Michael Masser
Department Head

Dawn Miles
Asst. to the Department Head
Nagle 210D

Dr. Nova Silvy
Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Studies
Nagle 311A

Business Office

Shirley Konecny
General information, purchasing, gas cards
Nagle 210A

Tomi Johnson
Payroll, human resources, tuition & fees
Nagle 210C

Sherry Strickland
Nagle 210A



  • Nagle Hall (NGLE)
  • Heep Laboratory Building (HLB)
  • Old State Chemist Building (STCH)

Research Facilities

  • Aquacultural Research and Teaching Facility (ARTF)
    • Aquatic Facility Drive (off FM 60 W)
  • Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections (BRTC), University Services Building (USB)
    • 3380 University Dr. East
  • NSF Biosystematics and Biodiversity Center
    • Heep 311

Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections

Dr. Lee Fitzgerald
Faculty Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles

Dr. Toby Hibbitts
Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles

Dr. Kevin Conway
Faculty Curator of Fishes

Heather Prestridge
Assistant Curator of Fishes

Dr. Jessica Light
Faculty Curator of Mammals

Dr. Mary Wicksten
Curator of Marine Invertebrates
Department of Biology

Dr. Gary Voelker
Faculty Curator of Birds

Dr. Norman Dronen
Faculty Curator of Parasites

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