Available Fellowships

There are several financing assistance options that you may apply for at Texas A&M University. Most of our graduate students are currently taking advantage of these sources and you may also be eligible to apply. Please contact Scholarships & Financial Aid for more information.

There are three types of graduate assistantships available through academic departments and colleges, along with agencies and administrative offices. These appointments are for teaching, research and non-teaching activities. Most of these positions require service of 20 hours per week. Students serving in these roles could be eligible for insurance benefits and tuition at the in-state rate. Please contact the supervisor of these positions or the graduate advisor to see which options you are eligible for.

Many different fellowships are available through departments, colleges, and the Office of Graduate Studies. Ordinarily, graduate students holding fellowships are not required to perform any services. All fellowships of $1,000 or greater per academic year also allow students to pay tuition at the in-state rate. Fellowships packages vary from $1,000 to over $35,000 and some include funds for insurance and tuition and fees.

A sample of some fellowships and grants are as follows:

Texas Aggie Graduate Grants: These grants are need-based awards (need is determined by Student Financial Aid) for graduate students who are Texas residents. Each student may receive up to $1,500 per semester, with a maximum of $3,000 per year.

Research and Presentation Grants: This program is to support graduate student research or travel by reimbursing students for certain expenses.

Graduate Diversity Fellowships: This fellowship is by faculty nomination only. (Students do not apply for this fellowship.) This fellowship was established to attract students to Texas A&M who have a proven record of success in a diverse environment.

  • Deadline for submission is February 7
  • $13,000/ year + $9,000/ year, 2 years – Master’s
  • $18,000/ year + $9,000/ year, 3 years – Ph.D.
  • Must be nominated by a faculty member and is selected by committee
  • Submit complete graduate school application plus letter of recommendation through on-line system
  • Call for nominations sent out by the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies around December of each year
  • Requires match of $8,000/ year
  • U.S. citizens or permanent residents only

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships: Individual students apply for these awards directly to NSF. Once awarded, NSF dedicates funds and the money is administered through OGS.

  • $30,000/ year for 36 months + 100% tuition and required fees paid + $1,000 scholarship/ year
  • Students apply directly to and are awarded by NSF. University receives funds from NSF and pays student
  • http://www.nsfgrfp.org
  • Deadline is between Novemeber 1 and 15 of each year
  • Must be U.S. citizen or permanent resident, graduating senior with a B.S. degree or in the 1st year of their first semester of their 2nd year of graduate school, pursuing a research based master’s or doctoral degree in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid Research Program: This grant program awards grants of up to $1,000 to students from all areas of the sciences and engineering. Designated funds from the National Academy of Sciences allow for grants of up to $5,000 for astronomy research and $2,500 for vision-related research. Students use the funding to pay for travel expenses to and from a research site, or for purchase of non-standard laboratory equipment necessary to complete a specific research project.

Pathways to the Doctorate Fellowship (Office of Graduate and Professional Studies): This fellowship is offered to a faculty team through a proposal process.  The fellowship assists faculty teams in identifying and supporting high quality doctoral students from within the Texas A&M University System. The students selected by the faculty team will be conducting research and will be registered full time at the Texas A&M University College Station campus.  The students from Texas A&M University system schools, who are identified as a recipient of the fellowship by a Pathways to the Doctorate faculty team, will receive support from OGAPS and the team.  For more information about the purpose of the fellowship and the application process, please see The Pathways to the Doctorate Fellowship page.

Sloan Foundation Fellowship (Sloan Faculty)

  • Lump sum of $22,176 to $30,000 depending on available funds
  • Designed for minority students pursuing a Ph.D.
  • Apply to and be accepted into a recognized Sloan supported program, work with Sloan affiliated faculty. The student must then apply to the foundation, including a faculty recommendation.
  • Please contact Dr. Miguel Mora for more information.

Excellence Assistantship (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) as money is available

  • Amount depends on funding and is usually used as a top-off fellowship
  • Funds comes entirely from college, tuition waiver eligible, health benefits
  • 1 semester assistantship, tuition waiver processed by department, fellowship depends on amount of money given to college and number of accepted students
  • Deadline is around mid-February and requires a nomination form which is typically sent out in January
  • Decisions before April 15 acceptance deadline
  • Must be a new, first-time enrolled graduate student, outstanding qualifications that include academic excellence and intellectual potential
  • Nominations must include nomination form, one page letter of recommendation, student’s complete graduate school application. Must submit original and 3 copies to Dr. Reed
  • Nominee does not have to be admitted at the time of the nomination, but must have made an application for admission to Texas A&M University, which appears in Compass
Hispanic Leaders
  • Master’s at least $25,000/ year for 2 years, Ph.D. at least $30,000/ year for 3 years + $2,500/ year research
  • Money comes from a combination of graduate assistantships, tuition and fees, and living expenses, depending on various sources of funding. Cost sharing between program and receiving department is required.
  • This program is not restricted to Hispanics. Other underrepresented groups, e.g., African-American, and Whites with experience ans special interest in working with Hispanics are invited o apply and have been and will continue to be accepted into this program.
  • Admittance to a M.S. or Ph.D. program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; completed undergraduate degree for M.S. studies or completed master’s degree for Ph.D. studies; U.S. citizen; full-time student; participate in orientation, policy analysis, leadership development, research-sharing, and funding for research workshops, natural resources field trip and meeting with National Advisory Board; link research with a Texas or U.S. Hispanic community, and submit annual progress reports.
  • Deadline for applications: May 1
  • Please contact Dr. Pina in Ag. Leadership, Education, and Communications if you have more questions or to nominate a student.
Tom Slick Fellowship
  • Ph.D. $21,375 for 1 year + $1,000 discretionary + insurance stipend for 1 year – depending on funding
  • The Tom Slick Research Fellowship Program in the College of Agriculture and Life Science at Texas A&M University provides financial support for the research training of exceptional graduate students regardless of nationality. The topic of the research conducted by the student should be relevant to the agriculture of Southwest Texas, and the research must be conducted in the state of Texas. Recipients are selected twice yearly with fellowships beginning January 1st and September 1st. Tenure is for no more than 12 months. The stipend is comparable with those of other competitive graduate fellowships, and a discretionary expense fund is provided for each Fellow. Fellows are selected by a committee appointed by the Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. All requirements must be met by the applicant in order for his/ her application to be considered.
  • Any questions regarding the following guidelines should be directed to the departmental representative of the Tom Slick Fellowship Committee or Robert Pottberg in Poultry Science at 845-1931.
  • Full-time Ph.D. students from certain departments in COALS. Not restricted by nationality. No interdisciplinary degree programs allowed. Applicants must have at least a 3.5 GPA and passed their preliminary exams. May not be employed more than 50% effort.

For more resources visit the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies

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