Frances Gelwick

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Community, Aquatic, and Fish Ecology, Fisheries Management, Aquatic Bioassessment


  • M.S., University of Tulsa
  • Ph.D, University of Oklahoma

Office Phone: (979) 862-4172


Office: 110J Heep Laboratory Bldg.

Current Research

My students and I study the ecology and behavior of fishes as well as other aquatic and semi-aquatic organisms, in both marine and freshwater ecosystems. This includes the response of fishes to direct and indirect effects of biotic (including human) and abiotic factors that are both internal and external to the system, and across a range of spatial and temporal scales. We gather data through the use of experimental manipulations as well as strategic monitoring. Our work has shown that fishes and other aquatic organisms both directly and indirectly can influence the environmental conditions and ecology of other biota within the system. Our studies include rivers, streams, reservoirs, karstic sink-hole lakes (cenotes), and estuaries, located throughout Texas, coastal Alabama, and Mississippi, and Mexican states of Durango, Nuevo Leon, Quintana Roo, and Yucatan.

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