Creature Identification

Identification sites:


Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The Texas Breeding Bird Atlas

Marine Organisms

Identification Guide to Marine Organisms of Texas

Reptiles/ Amphibians

Austin Area Snake Identification Guide

Herps of Texas (Turtles, Snakes, Salamanders, Frogs, Crocodilians, Lizards)

Texas Amphibian and Reptile Photos

References for Amphibian Identification

Texas Wildlife

Texas Wildlife Identification Guide (PDF)

Freshwater Fish



BRTC Flash Guides

The BRTC has developed a series of regional photographic guides for local fauna. These include:

  • Snakes of the Brazos Valley
  • Lizards and Turtles of the Brazos Valley
  • Amphibians of the Brazos Valley
  • Common Butterflies of the Brazos Valley parts 1 and 2

Each publication is 8 1/2- x 11-inch, laminated and full color. They are quick guides to the fauna found in the Brazos Valley (Brazos, Grimes, Washington, Burleson, Madison and Leon Counties), as well as in many other parts of Texas. A must-have for naturalists of any age. You may purchase these guides at the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History or on-line at the Agrilife On-line Bookstore

Photo submissions:

Image of a green sunfish

Green sunfish caught in Cypress, Texas

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